Friday, December 16, 2011

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Yemeni food experience at Hadramawt -Groupon!

Greetings people.

Eating good food at a cheap price is AWESOME! I mean, who wouldn't love to eat good food at cheap price right? I'm no exception as well plus with all the deals that being offered with so much of variety of dishes, will someone who loved food will miss it? Hel, NO!! This time, I wanted to try Arabian food after I saw the deal offered by Groupon and this was the deal (4-Course Authentic Arabic Meal + Free Flow of Ice Lemon Tea for 2 People at Hadramawt Restaurant for RM35 instead of RM153.10), so there I saved RM118!!!

The deal consists of (as below - courtesy to Groupon):
To ensure that the deal is really worth to try and buy the deal, I did a homework before I bought this deal. I googled Hadramawt and I read few reviews about this restaurant and their food. From what I read, mostly preferred Chicken/Lamb kabsah, so I had a rough idea on what I'm going to feed my stomach.The reason why I did a research first because I never believe what they will serve just by looking at their photoshoped gastronomic pictures. Pretty much like wen McD advertise a burger picture and how actually the burger looks like when we purchase. So, I never fall for this marketing tricks! Hadramawt Restaurant, located in Chulan Square in the vicinity of Jalan Raja Chulan and Pavilion KL, is this rather exquisite restaurant serving Yemeni and Arabic food.
Once I bought the deal and decided the date and time to go, I called Hadramawt for reservation as stated in the deal and FYI, I had no idea where is thic place loctated except for the truth that it is located somewhere in Bukit Bintang. Somehow we managed to get our a** to that restaurant.Its somewhere nearby to Pavilion shopping mall.

Me and my beloved bf were spoiled for choices - to choose mendy or kebab, we decided to go with mendy since it looks more appetizing and comes with rice, so yeah - I chosed chicken and my bf chosed lamb ( I supposed to choose lamb too but I wanted to try different item, so Chicken has to be chosen). And, now I introduce to you fellow readers, Arabic salad!!!!
Basically, the salad was like a normal salad and I doubt it had the touch of Arabian elements in it. It consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, some green leaves with lemon juice and powdered herbs.
Then, came my main course - CHICKEN MENDY!
I was kind of disappointed with this dish because : - The chicken was dry and it had no taste - no spices added. - The rice was nice (long- grained Basmathi rice). Had the spiced taste and it was so filling!!

Then, my bf had lamb mendy and here it is This dish was disappointed too. Lamb was dry even though it was cooked just right, soft and without the strong lamb taste and smell. I was expecting the meats to be juicy but nope! I don't know if this is how the Arabian food supposed to be. And then, they served us mixed vegetable stew supposed to consists of carrots, potatoes, lady fingers, pumpkins, green beans and cauliflower but what I saw in the stew - potatoes and cauliflower. It tasted something sambar (Indian gravy) without dhal. Both of us were full by the time we finished. But still, we got dessert to try plus arabic tea!! The dessert served was Mohallabiya - A classic Middle Eastern dessert (An Arabic Milk Pudding ). It tasted nice - rose water and wasn't too sweet. was just nice.Something Arabian at last! 
And then comes our arabic tea, NOTHING SPECIAL. It was teh - o as we call it in Malaysia.period. I was so interested to try on their one of dessert IDKW - and I try this dessert called bakhlawa - RM3.00. It was so freaking, damn and whatever word to stress the sweetness of this dessert. Who said Indian's sweet very sweet, try this and you will say Indian's sweet is nowhere close to it!! I had to drink water to dilute the sweetness and then only continue chewing. Damn! And yea, free flow of Iced lemon tea. So much for a iced lemon tea - tasteless! And, in the end, we hardly could walk because it was too filling!! Overall it's a rather filling meal coupled with the fact that the ambience is really nice, I would think this place is suited for everyone, whether you're a couple looking for a private dining spot, or a family looking for a hearty meal - kabsahs perhaps!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cup Cakes Madness!

If u observed lately, the cute cup cakes are taking the place of delicious and mouth watering cakes!! Cup Cakes are the current trend and if you say NO to cup cakes, people might think that you are soooooo left out!!

If we see, cup cakes are being baked and decorated in rather many ways - it looks so cute and beautiful that you can't resist. Trust me, the cup cakes fever are everywhere that it is even being ordered for weddings, birthday party and u name it - any event!

So, to avoid myself from being called "ketinggalan zaman" or " left behind", I wanted to try cup cakes. And the most I wanted to try is Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting! and, yeah, red velvet is popular due to its colour and of course , the taste! And, me, myself being a fan of all this websites offering the deals, I looked for any of these people to offer any deals on cup cakes and TADAAA, MilkADeal offered cup cakes deal! Yippie! 

And so, I bought 3 of this deal since my bf's birthday was around the corner. So, this was the deal (RM15 instead of RM25 for 6 Red Velvet Cuppies OR 1 Red Velvet Mini Cake OR 4 Large Cuppies in Multiple Flavours OR 1 Mini Cake in Multiple Flavours from YM's Sweet Cuppies n Cakes, Ampang [40% OFF]).

For the first trial I ordered a mini Red Velvet Cake for my bf's birthday. The candles and the wordings I had to buy at a cake shop.

This is the Mini Red Velvet Cake from YM's Sweet Cuppies n Cakes. The cake was not sweet,contradict to the blog's name! So it failed to be categorized as dessert! And the cream cheese somehow tasted not so good. I believe it's for the value of RM15! Overall, I was disappointed with the cake! And imagine I had two more vouchers to redeem!

I redeemed the last two vouchers somewhere when it was about to expire. I ordered 4 Large Cuppies (Almond Flavour) and 6 Red Velvet Cuppies!

This is the 4 Large Cuppies (Almond Flavour) Trust me, it tasted like poison!!!! Me n my bf ended up throwing this cuppies at the cats! (Wasn't abusing the cats) :D. And the fondant tasted like chewing gum!!!!

And, this is the 6 Red Velvet Cuppies!! Tasted ok - ok! The red velvet cuppies that I had for my birthday was delicious! I thought this would be the same but nah, The quality provided was based on the price paid! And I decided, I will never ever order any cuppies or cakes from this lady! Fail!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crab Cravings!

So, yeah.. FOOD is an interesting topic for everyone and I don't think there would be anyone out there that doesn't like FOOD! My current addiction has been on foods, I'm more interested in trying various types of dishes, be it Indian, Chinese, you name it, I'll try it.

I realized that I'm actually in love with foods like a year ago but then, it just strike my mind to start a blog on Food. Oh yeah, I know there tons of blogs reviewing on food but why can't be one of them right? So, to start of, I have tried foods at many places but I just didn't keep track of it.

So, since I had the idea of starting a FOOD blog, so yeah, I'm starting to keep track on where I do dine and on those stuffs. Alright, to Re-launch this blog and transforming this personal blog to Food blog, I'm starting my review with a Seafood restaurant! :D ( Was bugging my BF to treat me crabs as I was craving for crabs like for months!

There is this Seafood Restaurant located in Section 2, Wangsa Maju, nearby the Hospital Tentera. (Forgot the restaurant name). I have dine here so many times and the price here is very reasonable. My dining company has been always my loved one - my boyfriend. We have this mutual understanding when it comes to food. ;)

So, I chosed the vege dish - Kangkung Masak Belacan. The amount of belacan used was just nice and goes well with rice.

We ordered two crabs - cooked separately. And this is Sweet and Sour crab. Nice, was not spicy even though cili padi was added. Gravy was just nice. And yeah, the crab, well, crab is always good once you get down to it.

Deep fried kerapu masak kicap.The fish was crispy so does the ginger. The ginger was deep fried as well. Overall, the fish wasn't oily even though it was deep fried. Loved this dish. It was delicious.

And this is the other crab - the lady suggested it to be Black Pepper. It was cooked with some kicap and it tend bring down the Black Pepper taste. So, it didn't really pleased me. Overall, was ooook! The meat was there regardless the taste!

For drinks, we ordered Chinese Tea and altogether the cost = RM97.00. Oh yeah, plus the Asam Boi and extra rice. After all this makan2, I was something like Ular Sawa!! Bloated! So, there gone my Crab Cravings for months!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can I fit into the Picture?

Life has changed since last few months. No longer spending the weekends alone. Trying to fit into new picture is extremely hard even though things seems easy. It may look easy but it isn't.

Trying to bring two sides of family is a failure if there is no effort from both side and that is what I'm facing now. Stucked in the middle ain't a real fun but instead it is a misery. Looking back what I have did is correct or no, is a total waste, all I can do now is just continue doing what I feel is right.

Am I really being accepted and loved is another question.Things look so lovey in front but at back, who knows what is really happening? The fact that I just came can't be changed and the truth that the maximum love is not there also can't be changed. I will always be the black sheep? maybe or maybe not.

Somehow, life have to move on and I'm wondering what future holds for me. Leaving aside whether the world ends in 2012 or no, Im more concerned on what 2012 holds for me. Where I will be and what I will be doing is not the matter. With who I will be is the big question mark.

Sitting here alone while sipping a cup of teh-o just triggering alot ALOT of questions!!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Father who is not a Father

Too many things to be handled in this life yet life have to move on. It not gonna be the same ever again.

It is Father's day tomorrow and my father's birthday as well but sad as it is, he is no longer in this world. In a confusion state, to be honest, I do miss a man called dad to be there for me. I'm pretty sure that my life would have been different if he is still alive.

For this Father's Day, as a change and as a appreciation, I would convey my wishes to my Uncle who has been taking care of me. Father's Day is not just a day of appreciation for Fathers but it is for all the mans out there especially for my my Uncles.

You have did alot for me, maybe more than what my dad would have done if he is still alive. All the way from young, You took care of me. I don't think I would have made it without your help. You are a uncle with a heart of a father. All this years, I never wished You "Happy Father's Day" but this year I would like to make a change.

All I could say now is, You have been there for me as my dad and took care of me very well. I don't even my dad would have done this far for me. Thanks Chitapa for taking care of me. I may have not said that I love you but you know that I do.